Proposal Preparation and Submission



Note:  While we offer the primary slides in PDF format, it is recommended you go through the slides on-line to receive the full benefit the course has to offer.  There are many mini-modules, exercises, and pop quizzes in this interactive training to reinforce key ideas. For all mini-modules, a PDF is available within the module itself in the “Resources” tab.

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Module 1:
Proposal Basics


Approximately 45 minutes


Reposted 1/28/2010

*      What is a proposal?

*      Questions to ask

*      Time consuming elements

*      Electronic proposal submission

*      Standard grant proposal components

*      Jump starts

Module 1

Module 2:
Budget Basics

Approximately 25 minutes

Reposted 1/28/10

*      What is a budget?

*      How to plan a budget

*      Federal guidance

*      Cost sharing

Module 2

Module 3A
Direct Cost Budget Categories


Approximately 25 minutes

*      Common budget categories

*      Justification examples

*      Documentation for the files

Module 3A

Module 3B:
F&A Costs

Approximately 35 minutes

Reposted 1/28/2010

*      What are F&A costs?

*      F&A Rate Agreement

*      F&A for non-profit sponsors

*      F&A on subawards

*      F&A waivers

Module 3B

Module 4:
Internal Approvals and Special Considerations

Note posted: 8/29/12

*      Module being updated

Module 4

Module 5:
Preparing a Proposal Budget Exercise

However long it takes you to “do the math.”

Reposted 1/28/2010

*      Calculating PI salary for 9-month and 12-month appointments

*      Calculating GSR salary for academic and summer appointments

*      Calculating TIF

*      Calculating F&A on subawards

Module 5



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