The Office of Research Administration (ORA) Training programs are the result of contributions from numerous individuals. ORA is grateful for, and appreciative of, the support given by all of the individuals below. The names that have * indicate the instructors of the Certificate and Specialty courses.

Certificate and Specialty Courses
*Miesha Bailey, Grant Analyst, OCGA, ORA
Percy Holden, Accountant, EFM, ORA
*Ellen Beck, ERA Coordinator, ORA Dan Horowitz, Sr. Adm. Analyst, Organismic Bio,Ecol & Evolution
*Cathy Burchett, Programmer Analyst, IS, ORA *Gina King, Administrative Analyst, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Theresa Caban, Adm. Asst. , OCGA, ORA *Kiyoko Koski, Prin. Adm. Analyst, Psychology
Chris Chang, Chief Research Officer, Radiology Gloria Kuo, Senior Adm. Analyst, Digestive Diseases, Medicine
*Tamara Combs, Contract Officer, OCGA, ORA *Raellen Man, Dir. of Research Administration, Medicine
* Caroline Crispino, ARC Asst. Dir. for Education, OPRS *Sharon Monroe, CURE Administrator, Digestive Diseases, Medicine
Laura Crowley, Policy & Comp. Adm., ORA *Steve Peckman, Assoc. Director, IRB, OPRS
Marilyn Cua, Adm. Analyst, Cardiology, Medicine *Michelle Phillips, Accountant, EFM, ORA
*Arlene Danganan, Sr. Adm. Analyst, Ob & Gyn *Ann Pollack, Asst. VC, Res. Policy and Standards, ORA
*Michele Deluca, Prin. Adm. Analyst, NPI Jan Ryden, Prinicpal Adm. Analyst, EE, SEAS
*Bernie Dempsey, CAO, Computer Science, SEAS Olga Sanders, Sr. Adm. Analyst, EFM, ORA
*Goody Dhillon, Grant Analyst, OCGA, ORA *Sally Shupien, Prin. Adm. Analyst, David Geffen Sch. of Med-Dean's Ofc.
Paula Franklin, Fund Manager, Medicine, Rheumatology *Keith Steele, Finance and Research Dir, Pediatrics
*Lynne Gerow, Assoc. Director, OPRS-Chanc Ani Res Committee Dianne Talmadge, Property Administrator, Equipment Mgmt.
Marcela Green, Adm. Analyst, Inst of the Environment *Maurice Taylor, Sr. Accountant, EFM, ORA
*Martha Hansen, Sr. Contract Officer, OCGA, ORA Norma Vaquerano, MSO, Geriatrics, Medicine
* Becky Henrickson, Accountant, EFM, ORA *Bill Wu, Adm. Analyst, R-NET, ORA
Diana Heskett, MSO, Biological Chemistry *Lynne Yorita, Audit Supervisor, Audit and Advisory Services
* Blair Hoover, ARC Adm., OPRS Jennifer Zachmann, Adm. Analyst, ORA
Certificate Program in C&G Administration Focus Group
ORA Training Advisory Group
*Bill Demore, Prin. Adm. Analyst, Mathematics Sue Abeles, Asst Vice-Chan/Controller, Bus & Fin Serv-Corp Fin Serv
Deborah Fitch, Chief Fin. Officer, Molecular and Medical Pharmacology Evelyn Balabis, Director, EFM, ORA
*Cindy Gilbert, Sr. Adm. Analyst, MSE. SEAS *Linda Lee, Mgr., Public Sector, OCGA, ORA
Annette Klufas, Sr. Adm. Analyst, Physiological Science Gayle Lund, Chief Adm. Officer, ORA
Gayle Lund, Chief Adm. Officer, ORA Linnaea Mallette, Training Coordinator, ORA
Linnaea Mallette, Training Coordinator, ORA Ann Pollack, Ass't Vice-Chancellor - Research Policy & Compliance
Janet Peltier, Fund Mgr., School of Public Policy and Social Research  
Lana Song, Prin. Adm. Analyst, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics  
Linda Allen, Prin. Adm. Analyst, Research Administration, Medicine  
*Susan Waelder, Training Analyst, ORA  
*Rachel Yglesias, Senior Accountant, EFM, ORA