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A summary of training classes and programs offered by the Office of Research Administration

Training / Professional Development


ORA Training Opportunities Classroom instruction on topics pertinent to research administration.
Additional eCourses and Resources Introduction to Contract and Grant Administration
Proposal Preparation and Submission
The Ledgers from a Research Perspective
Post Award Administration Handbook
Outgoing Subaward Initiation and Management
Effort Reporting Briefing for Investigators: What you need to know as a Principal Investigator or Research Administrator
ERS Training Modules
The Research Administration Resource Glossary This is a unique glossary. Here you will find not only the basic definition of terms and acronyms, but links to additional resources. 

Information & Resources


Research Administrators Forum (RA-Forum) RA-Forums are designed to update campus personnel on emerging and changing topics in research administration.
ORA ListServ Stay current on topics affecting Contract and Grant Administration.  The ORA ListServ delivers the ORA news right to your inbox!  Topics include:
  • Funding Opportunities

  • Hints & Tips

  • Policy Updates

  • ORA Training Opportunities

  • ORA Online Resource Center (Portal) Updates

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