The primary role of the Office of Research Administration (ORA) is to provide the campus with professional guidance and administrative support for all sponsored research activities.


Contract & Grant

Research Policy &

Extramural Fund

Human Research
Protection Program

Animal Research Oversight

Research Safety

Assists the campus research enterprise in the process of applying for, accepting, and administering contract and grant awards


Interprets and develops research policy, coordinates issues that bridge compliance boundaries, and provides the UCLA research community with advice and assistance on matters related to research policy, ethics and compliance.

Monitors all extramural research funds to ensure that agency requirements are met and that University assets have proper financial management. EFM receives contract and grant monies, submits invoices and files financial reports.

Ensures the safety and welfare of human research participants in studies conducted by UCLA faculty, staff or students. In addition, OHRPP supports the Institutional Review Board process and conducts post-approval monitoring and on-site reviews.

Oversees the animal care and use program at UCLA to ensure that activities involving animals are conducted in accordance with University policy and USDA animal welfare regulations. It reviews and approves proposals related to animal use, inspects animal facilities, and investigates reports of noncompliance, suspending animal use and taking corrective action as needed.

Committees establish, monitor, and update policies and procedures for the safe use of hazardous biological materials, radiation and machines, and for maintaining safe local working environments in the research setting. Each safety committee focuses on a specific type of hazard (e.g., radiation, chemical/physical, biological), and reviews protocol submissions for their designated area, as appropriate.


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