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What Is It?

Electronic Research Administration (ERA), in the generic sense, is simply doing research administration electronically. It encompasses everything from using EDI to submit grant proposals to creating a word template to print a funding agency's form. ERA is building a home page for a sponsored research office or utilizing the web to find out about a grant application. ERA incorporates listservs, searching for funding opportunities, making publications available electronically, and faculty profile databases. ERA is FastLane, GAMS, COS, Edison, EFT, InfoEd, ScienceWise, IRIS, TRAM, and so much more.

ERA is the Future: The future of not only research administration, but the future of commerce as a whole.

This web site is currently being developed as an aid to help others find out more information about ERA. It will be a constantly evolving site. To be the best site possible, your input is needed. If you have ideas about how to improve this site, if you are interested in adding content, or if you just want to offer assistance, please let us know by e-mailing the ORA Web Team.

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When Will It Happen?

Electronic Research Administration (ERA), in the generic sense of data management, template use, and communication, has been a reality for years. However, in the past couple of years, with the onslaught of the internet and the world wide web, ERA has changed from simply a way to make the job of the research administrator easier, to a whole new culture for research and research administration as a whole. Less than two years ago, the first pioneering research administration offices were creating their web sites and the ERA Demonstration Project was just beginning. Today, most offices can no longer live without the web as simple means of disseminating information and NewERA is already testing electronic data interchange (EDI) standards.

What does the future hold? Any researcher, their staff, and central administration may be able to access all facets of the administrative side of research from any terminal (computer, web t.v., whatever!) with an internet connection. PIs will learn about funding opportunities (e-mail, web notification), transfer that information to a grant proposal, submit it electronically (EDI or HTML), with all the compliance issues covered in the background. The funding agencies receive the proposal, it is automatically entered into their management systems, and routed to the reviewers, ultimately reducing the time from proposal to funding.

NSF's Fastlane already accomplishes several of these tasks. NIH has some incredible ideas and projects in the making (e.g., Edison, E-SNAP, Form 2271).ONR is not only testing EFT, but actually doing it. The reality of ERA and all it encompasses is not that far off in the future.

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How Will It be Done?

Electronic Research Administration (ERA) is being accomplished in a variety of ways including:

Future plans for this site include detailed information about these topics.

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Who Is Involved?

ERA is actively being worked on by:

Federal Funding Agencies
Private Funding Agencies
Vendors supporting the research enterprise
Professional Organizations

There have also been many partnerships formed across these groups, including:

FastLane GAMS

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UCLA is involved in ERA in a variety of avenues including on-line forms (E-RAS, an electronic "Request for Authorization to Spend Funds Prior to Receipt of an Award Form"), UCLA internal forms in templates (The "Extramural Proposal Approval and Submission Summary" familiarly known as the "EPASS" and OPRS), and electronic publishing (Challenge Magazine.)

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Electronic Research Administration (ERA)
Agency Electronic Research Systems
National Science Foundation FastLane Information

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Last page update on 06/15/2012

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